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Mary Ann Hernandez Mullen Gallery

Here are several photos of me through the years. I hope some are familiar to friends and family of Constancia T Hernandez, either because she has copies or there is a family resemblance!

Here I am at age 12 in Singapore. Do you see a resemblance to the woman
in the photo at right?


I found this photo in my parents' old photo album and believe this woman may be my biological mother, Constancia. Not 100% certain, but I have a strong feeling about it. I am the girl standing behind the stroller - my stroller. There is a strong possibility that the woman is my mother and the other children are my siblings. The photo was taken in 1960 at Loring Street in Pasay City, where I lived with my adoptive parents.


That's me, Mary Ann Hernandez Mullen, when I was just 9 months old.




Here I am
with my dad, Frank Mullen. While I was raised by Frank and
my adoptive mother, Lydia Mullen,
my natural mother is Constancia T. Hernandez.


Here I am with my parents, Frank and Lydia Mullen, when we were living at 245 Loring Street in Pasay City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. This is the earliest baby photo of me, possibly just a week after I was born in January 1959.


Here is a photo from my baptism in May 1959 at Our Lady of Remedies Catholic Church in Malate, Metro Manila, the Philippines. Holding
me is my godmother, Allice T. Warren.

I was the
flower girl at a wedding in Manila in 1965. Weddings are very important events in
the Philippines, so perhaps someone remembers this photo? Andy and Jasmin
were the
happy couple, while Chito Hernandez, 4, was also in the wedding party.

Mary-Ann-Flowergirl Mary-Ann-Grade-1

This photo
was taken
when I was in Grade 1.
Do you know
of Bob's Photography
in Manila?


Here's a photo of me at age 14. Do you see a family resemblance
to other members
of the Hernandez family in Manila?


When I was 16, I worked at a seniors' home doing occupational therapy. We played games
with the residents, organized games, went for walks and performed the Can-Can! What a great job for a teenager!


Here's a yearbook photo from 1974. I remember some boys teasing me, saying I had a sister. Little did I know they were right! Does this photo look like some of my relatives?


Here's a happy memory!
I was 21 years old when I was married!

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