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My Adoptive Parents

I was born in De Ocampo Memorial Medical Center in Nagtahan, Sta. Mesa Manila (not Pasay City, as I was previously told) in January 1959. Dr. Enrique Mathias, OBGYN, delivered me.

Pasay City map web

I am now searching for my natural mother, Constancia T. Hernandez, who I believe still lives in the Philippines.

Constancia lived with my adoptive parents at 245 Loring Street in Pasay City (part of Metro Manila).

My father, Frank Mullen, worked for Mobil Oil and was a supervisor of their Pandacan Terminal. My adoptive mother’s name was Lydia Mullen. She was a Russian émigré, as was her friend and my godmother Allice T. Warren.

Allice also knew my natural mother quite well. I have heard that she kept in touch with Constancia long after my family left Manila. Allice moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s.

I recently loaded photos of my adoptive parents and godmother onto the Gallery page of this website. Have a look!

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