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Searching for Constancia T. Hernandez

Mary Ann Hernandez Mullen at age 23 in 1982

Welcome to the search
for my natural mother!

I found my mother in June 2016 exactly eight years to the day I discovered I was adopted.

Unfortunately, my mother had passed away in 2004, so I did not get a chance to talk to her, but I was able to speak by phone to most of my half-siblings within a few days. I have four. I was the only one adopted out.

And no one knew about me.

My sibs are all really great people and open to getting to know each other, so it has been a wonderful experience. We haven't met in person yet but are planning to do so in the near future.

One of the most important things I've learned about is potential health issues. The other important thing is learning about my Spanish-Filipino family tree. Indeed, my successful outcome would never have happened if one of my ancestors had not recorded his ancestors, and if my new-found second cousin wasn't such a genealogy buff! DNA testing did play a role, but without the meticulously kept records, nothing would have been resolved.

The family is extremely large.

Facebook played a part in helping me make that initial phone call. A Facebook cyber-friend, also an adoptee, helped me make that first phone call. My sibling turned out to be a mutual-friend-of-a-relative-of-a-friend of hers in the Philippines. I made the phone call and in an instant, like a stack of set-up dominoes toppling over, my eight year search was suddenly RESOLVED.

It's been a wonderful ending and a beginning to new relationships with my long lost family.

And that is my story.

I will be putting all the information I have on the Background page of this website, plus photos on the Gallery page. You can also check for updates on my Community Page on Facebook: Help Mary Ann Find Her Mother, which I started in December 2012. I hope to soon share my story in print form. I have also registered my information with 23andMe.com and FamilyTree.com.

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